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Health On Care  (www.healthoncare.com) is a health care portal with medical articles written by health care professionals and medical writers.The members of the Health On Care team strive to deliver quality content on relevant medical issues to a broad readership across the globe. All content on this website is reviewed on a regular basis and  has to adhere to our editorial policy prior to publication.

The content on Health On Care is not intended to substitute a consultation with a qualified health care professional. It is solely intended to guide readers on possible causes of symptoms and educate readers on pertinent medical material. The advice and supervision of a health care professional is always necessary and no change in therapeutic protocol should be undertaken without appropriate medical guidance.

Editorial Policy

Healthoncare the digital media agency that owns and operates Health On Care, sources medical content from health care professionals across the globe. We ensure that only qualified health care professionals and reputable medical writers deliver content as per our editorial guidelines. All content is subsequently screened by our medical editors prior to publication. Older content may require a review and we encourage readers to bring outdated information to our attention.

The Health On Care Team

The health care professionals and medical writers utilized by Health On Care have a passion for medicine. We encourage this by allowing them a platform to interact with readers across the world via the internet. Our writers ensure that technical medical information is delivered in a simple manner without compromising the accuracy. It is not the intention of the writers, editors or HealthOnCare.com to therefore publish any content that is biased towards any specific brand, product or service.


Health On Care derives its revenue through various advertising platforms that are operated independently of our editorial team. All ads are determined by third party agencies and neither the writers, editors or Health On Care can be held liable for any misleading ads or transactions conducted with vendors advertising on this website.

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