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Back Pain : Definition, Signs, Diagnosis, Causes, Treatment and Preventive

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Back Pain Definition

Back pain is pain felt between the base of the neck to the waist (between the first and twelfth dorsal vertebra)

We must oppose the lesion say back pain who have an anatomical cause simple but real gravity (tumor, fracture), the regional back pain are very common, whose origin is often complex and are generally benign.

The interrogation is clear pain:

back pain

back pain (img thanks to lowerbackpainhub.com)

  • Installation mode: it can be sudden or progressive, occur after a false movement or gesture forced to be a consequence of trauma, accident or sports. A fall from a height can also cause back pain
  • The topography of pain localized to the thoracic spine and then predominantly on one side or the other, or diffuse
  • The radiation: towards the cervical or lumbar spine
  • The nature and times: mechanical daytime during mobilization and more or less relieved by rest or inflammatory or otherwise ie rather nightlife, you wake up.
  • The intensity of the pain and sensitivity to treatment
  • The functional impact with a more or less significant limitation of activity or an inability to manage only the gestures of everyday life. The impact on breathing is important to know.
  • The accompanying signs: with impaired general condition indicating a larger problem
  • Treatments used and their effectiveness

How it works there?

The thoracic spine consists of 12 vertebrae. It has specificity is to be more rigid than the cervical or lumbar spine.Intervertebral discs and the fact that the thoracic evening totally supportive of the rib cage behind this stiffness. Only the rotation of the thoracic spine is free.

This rigidity is problematic areas hinges directly related to the cervical spine or lumbar which are brought to bear

The spine is involved in breathing: it plays a mechanical bellows by changing the diameter and volume of the rib cage.Back muscles and chest participate inspiration. It also participates in the maintenance of standing (erector spinae).

This dual role in breathing and posture, permanent stress in the acts of daily life, muscle weakness increasingly important due to inactivity, explain the frequency of back pain called functional.

Back Pain Accompanying Signs

Before any back pain it is important to check the global static spine.

For thoracic four key points will be sought systematically to try to determine the cause and impact of the pain:

- A decrease in the natural curvature (cyphosis) of the spine with the presence of a stiffness

- A contraction of muscles para vertebral those along the spine, compared to pain

- The existence of tender points but very localized and specific location anterior, posterior or lateral

- Limiting the possibilities of rotation.

Back Pain Test

Foremost iune conventional radiography of the spine.

Examinations depend on the context and at first will be simple

- X-ray of the thoracic spine and front profile

- A balance will be achieved only inflammatory if there are signs suggestive of infectious disease: erythrocyte sedimentation rate and determination of C-reactive protein.

Other tests such as MRI or especially the scanner will be shown that, depending on the results of previous examinations to search for a specific etiology but never a first line or systematically.

Back Pain Mechanical Causes

On the characteristics of the pain and the environment it is possible to get a first idea of the origin of back pain.

Mechanical origin may be the following

- A pain in the action and thus the day when you move

- A mechanical triggering event and therefore often brutal early

- A trend towards improvement in treatment of type analgesic and relaxing myo

- An absence of infectious context: no fever, general balance and retained biological inflammatory.

There are several types of back pain of mechanical origin:

- Back pain in dorsarthrose: pain is most often due to osteoarthritis of the cervical vertebrae associated;

- Static back pain, pain associated with an increase in the thoracic kyphosis.

- Back pain dystrophy, spinal growth (Scheuermann’s disease) in adulthood, these dystrophies are very painful adolescence

- Fibromyalgia apophysitis friction and repeated microtrauma local minor intervertebral derangement may give some pain.

- Back pain posture

Back Pain Inflammatory Causes

On the characteristics of the pain and the environment it is possible to get a first idea of the origin of back pain.

Inflammatory origin may be the following:

- A pain at rest and then at night when you sleep: it wakes you up

- A gradual onset without brutal character

- The lack of improvement in treatment of type analgesic and relaxing myo

- A context infectious fever, general condition and kept

- A biological assessment inflammatory disturbed

Cancers, infections, chronic rheumatism or spinal can also cause back pain

These pains can be quickly specificity as acute given the narrowness of the spinal canal at this level and are more severe due to the possible underlying violations.

Back Pain Other Causes

Few cases identified once we have eliminated the irradiation of a pain especially cardiac, pulmonary or pleural

A vertebral compression fracture after osteoporosis is the main cause of this type of pain

You can also find the pain of cervical origin and in particular a sore point between the blade and the 5 th and 6 thvertebrae, a sore point with cervical precise (point bell). A repeated gesture with hands to chest height, elbows unsupported could be responsible.

Back Pain Treatment

The treatment of back pain depends on its cause after with an evaluation and coordination of the various therapeutic measures implemented.

Beyond the simple analgesics or anti-inflammatory, rehabilitation and recovery of adequate physical activity, education is fundamental gesture.

Osteopathy can give results in the short and medium term after the completion of a review by a physician.

How to live with?

Back pain, even dominated by low back pain, is a source of impairment of quality of life and disability. Prevention can combat it effectively.

- Relax, stretch, strengthen his muscles through physical exercises with a suitable building chest muscles anterior and posterior muscles of the lower limbs to help limit the movement of the spine.

- A regular physical activity so soft is a great factor in preventing back pain.

- Make stress management a priority because it is a maintenance factor of contracture, as well as the management of anxiety.

- In everyday life, the goal is to protect both of painful procedures and recurrences. It is recommended that:

  • Distribute loads to carry symmetrically between the two arms and avoid heavy loads and avoid. Wearing heavy objects on one side, at arm’s length or shoulder
  • Beware of car, do not make trips too long, avoid low seats and remote, the arms should be relaxed without being glued to the steering wheel, practice exercises self-aggrandizement, enter and exit the vehicle by turning the pelvis by pushing the legs.
  • To have the best possible position to work at work, avoid prolonged an uncomfortable or forced attitude cervical (head bent forward). When working on a computer, the screen should be at eye level.
  • Sleeping in a bed above, with slats and mattress firm (but not hard) latex (no need to put a board under the mattress), avoid sleeping on your stomach. Must prefer high chairs and sofas, television placed directly in front
  • Keep your back as straight as possible in achieving the actions of everyday life and especially domestic life by adopting the reflections on the legs and said slot positions or knight (front leg bent). The broom handles and vacuum should be long, the work plans at the correct height.
  • To have the best possible position to work at work, avoid prolonged an attitude uncomfortable or forced
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