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Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic digestive disease that occurs when stomach acid or occasionally, bile flows back into your food pipe. The backwash of acid irritates
Tuesday, April 22nd 2014 | Digestive System
Tips to Improve Digestion
Digestive discomfort has become a fact of life. We complain about ailments such as occasional gas, bloating and irregularity, assuming they are inevitable. By paying attention and making a
Friday, January 3rd 2014 | Digestive System
Dealing with Acidity
Our stomach produces acid to digest the food that we eat which is essential in the digestive process. This acid helps in breaking down the food during digestion. When
Friday, December 20th 2013 | Digestive System
Appendix is situated at the junction of large intestine and small intestine. It is a blind ended tube which is connected to the Cecum, a pouch like shape and
Monday, March 25th 2013 | Digestive System
Femoral Hernia : Definition, Symptoms, Complication, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Femoral Hernia Definition The word “hernia” means the output of an organ of its usual place, through a hole (or holes) natural. As part of the femoral hernia, a
Saturday, September 1st 2012 | Digestive System, Surgical
Peptic Ulcer : Definition, Causes, Sign, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Peptic Ulcer Definition The peptic ulcer is a chronic disease in the majority of cases, often recurrent, which corresponds to the presence of sores on the gastrointestinal mucosa. The
Wednesday, August 22nd 2012 | Digestive System, Disease
Travelers’ diarrhea (Turista) : Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment
Travelers’ diarrhea Definition Turista, or travelers diarrhea tourista is severe diarrhea that affects between 60 and 80% of travelers. Traveler’s diarrhea or Montezuma also called turista is acute gastroenteritis that
Wednesday, August 22nd 2012 | Digestive System, Disease
Ulcerative Colitis (Sided Colitis) : Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Ulcerative Colitis Definition Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the colon. Ulcerative colitis is part of IBD, that is to say of chronic inflammatory diseases of the
Tuesday, August 21st 2012 | Digestive System, Disease
Colorectal Polyps : Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Colorectal Polyps Definition Polyps of the colon and rectum, also called adenomas, are benign tumors like tiny mushrooms that grow at the expense of the lining of the colon
Monday, August 20th 2012 | Digestive System, Disease
Acute Pancreatitis : Defintion, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Complication and Treatment
Acute Pancreatitis Definition Acute pancreatitis is a sudden inflammation of the pancreas (a gland in the abdominal cavity), intensity more or less severe. The pancreas is located in the
Friday, August 17th 2012 | Digestive System
Chronic Pancreatitis : Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Chronic Pancreatitis Definition Chronic pancreatitis is a disease characterized by progressive destruction with sclerosis of the gland, causing a loss of its functions. Chronic pancreatitis is a relatively rare
Friday, August 17th 2012 | Digestive System, Disease
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