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Age Related Foot Changes
Have you ever tried one of your shoe sizes and found it not fitting in? Have you felt that your foot was growing in size and you did not
Sunday, November 1st 2015 | Senior Health
Gait : Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Gait Definition The gait and balance, common in the elderly are associated with aging effectors of gait and balance associated with certain diseases and their treatments. The combined effect
Thursday, August 23rd 2012 | Disease, Physical Health, Senior Health
Loss of Appetite in Seniors
How to explain? Loss of appetite is a common symptom in the elderly in whom the functioning of the body tends to slow down the digestion is slower, processing and use
Wednesday, August 22nd 2012 | Disease, Senior Health
Vaccination  Definition Infections are often severe in the elderly because of their vulnerability. Two vaccinations are highly recommended: influenza and pneumococcus. Infections are particularly severe in the elderly due to
Wednesday, August 22nd 2012 | Physical Health, Senior Health
What you need to know? States of dehydration are frequently found in patients living at home or in an institution but also consultants in emergency or not a state
Wednesday, August 22nd 2012 | Disease, Physical Health, Senior Health
What you need to know? Undernutrition is a very common phenomenon in the elderly to deal with the utmost seriousness. Older people tend to naturally reduce their food intake
Wednesday, August 22nd 2012 | Senior Health
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