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Friday, February 14th 2014. | Chronic Constipation

ConstipationChronic Constipation is a term used for bowel movements that are difficult, infrequent or not regular. It is basically described as having less than three bowel movements in a week. Millions of adult people in the United States suffer from Chronic Constipation. Both men and women suffer from it but women suffer two times more than men from constipation. Occasional constipation is very common among people but some people experience chronic constipation that can interfere in their daily life causing many other related bowel problems. This may slow down your performance at work and you may feel lethargic or lazy.

Symptoms of Chronic Constipation include passing less than three bowel movements per week, having lumpy and hard stool, straining for bowel movements, feeling like there is some blockage in your stomach or a feeling as though you cannot empty you’re the stool from your rectum. Constipation makes you feel uncomfortable, irritable and bloated all the time. It is also very common during pregnancy.
Chronic Constipation may be caused due to many reasons. It is caused by low fiber diet, lack of physical activities, not drinking regular enough water or avoiding going to the bathroom when you get the urge to move your bowels. Stress can also contribute to chronic constipation or other related bowel problems. Travelling is another cause for constipation as you cannot follow regular eating, sleeping or bowel movements when you are travelling from one place to another. Some other medical problems also contribute to constipation. They include diseases of the bowels like the irritable bowel syndrome, nervous system disorders, mental health disorders, pregnancy, certain medications and colon cancer.
Treatment for chronic constipation depends on the cause, on how long you are suffering from this condition and how severe your problem is. In many of the cases it is possible to resolve the problem through diet and lifestyle changes. Some ways to increase fiber in your diet are fruits, vegetables and cereals. Daily walk or exercise is necessary for bowel movements. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water. Chronic Constipation is difficult to treat and treatment with a laxative is sometimes needed for a period of time till your stools are soft and easily passed. Laxatives have to be gradually reduced and stopped after your problem is solved. There are different types of laxatives and one must consult your Doctor on which type of laxative should be decided for your requirement.

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