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Echo Doppler : Definition, Ultrasound, Prepare, Complications and Result

Friday, August 24th 2012. | Radiography

Echo Doppler Definition

The Doppler ultrasound examination is based on the use of ultrasound to explore my arteries and veins.

Ultrasound is based on the properties of ultrasonic acoustic waves are.

The current Doppler can be used with three different modalities: the ultrasonography, Doppler arterial Doppler ultrasound with color coding.

Ultrasound propagates in a straight line in a homogeneous structure. Their path is modified by the density and stiffness of the medium traversed. When in contact with an obstacle, the ultrasound echo return. Ultrasound devices measure and analyze the echo intensity. They can produce cross-sectional images in all planes of space and analyze images in real time. It is through ultrasound that the doctor can see the movements of organs such as the heart and the fetus in pregnant women.

Coupled with a system that measures the Doppler blood flow (direction and speed), ultrasound devices allow to obtain images of the circulatory system: Doppler ultrasound is used to study the arterial and venous circulation through the use of ultrasound that reflect movements in the blood in the vessels. It allows us to appreciate the speed of blood in the vessel, its management and the regular appearance or not grow (turbulence).

It is therefore an imaging technique that does not involve risks X-rays used in conventional radiography or during a scan.

2d echo doppler

Echo Doppler (img thanks to myspace.com)

What is ultrasound?

It is a device which is designed to make ultrasound.

Ultrasound may be performed in any room, as long as it can be darkened to see better pictures. It does not appeal, in fact, X-rays and, thus, no special protection is required.

The ultrasound device like a computer, it includes a screen, a keyboard and probes that emit ultrasound.

The probe is placed on the body part to be studied. Ultrasound conductive gel is applied to either the probe or on the skin.

The radiologist performing the ultrasound examination follows on the screen and engages the probe to obtain the best possible images in real time.

The ultrasound image is in black, white and gray on the screen coupled with a Doppler examination, there is superadded colored images (usually red and blue) in the direction of blood flow.

How to prepare?

Ultrasound is a simple requiring no special preparation.

The examination is prescribed by a physician and performed in a radiology practice or institutional care (hospitals and clinics).

No preparation is necessary, or biological assessment prior.

The test takes about 30 minutes. The person is lying at rest, the doctor uses an ultrasound conducting gel. Transmitting ultrasound probe is moved by arteries and veins to analyze.

Make sure you bring the prescription order review, your Social Security card and another.

What are the complications?

This review is safe.

No complications related to the use of ultrasound, no radiation being delivered.

It is for this reason that it is the test of choice for pregnant women and children.

This is an exam that can provide information on the vascular flow with maximum efficient price risk zero.

What results?

This examination allows accurate tracking of lesions in blood vessels.

The ultrasound images are available immediately after the examination, but they must always be analyzed by a radiologist.

It is possible that this analysis takes several hours.

The results are given in the form of a report to be transmitted to the prescriber to review images reproduced on film or paper boards and, eventually, a CD-ROM which can be viewed in a computer with special programs for reading radiology.

The results allow to assess :

  • What is the state of the arteries and veins in particular with the research of obstruction and strictures,
  • How the lesions evolve
  • What are the complications.
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