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Elongation : Definition, Recognize, Treatment and Preventive

Tuesday, September 18th 2012. | Pain

Elongation Definition

This is the type of muscle damage that can make a difference between contracture, elongation, strain, muscle tear, muscle rupture.

Sport can cause muscle pain vary in their type, intensity, duration and especially their mechanism.

The elongation is a symptom which is not accompanied by muscle injury final type of muscle tear but is more serious than simple contracture:

  • Near the contracture because it has no real anatomical support
  • Close to the muscle tear considering the context in which it occurs and its symptoms.


In brief:  

  • Contracture: no muscle damage.
  • Elongation: the muscle has gone beyond its possibilities stretching.
  • Breakdown, muscle rupture involves only a few muscle fibers
  • Tear is a portion of the muscle is torn;
  • Break, much worse, it is a beam or the muscle that is broken.

How to recognize the Elongation?

The elongation: This is a muscle that was biased too intense compared to its usual capacity. By anatomical against any consequences that stretch which will see a simple change

Elongation results, especially in a sport by: 

- Pain of moderate intensity, more type of stretching than real pain.

- Shown in the form of a painful level of the area affected by the lesion.

- Not requiring complete cessation of effort;

- Identified by palpation as a muscle bundle more or less important and more or less painful.

- Persistent as numbness muscle effort once stopped

An ultrasound was performed if it could show some minimal lesions, whereas it is a clinically elongation.

Elongation Treatment

Treatment of elongation is codified:

- First rest and stop training for a few days

- Massages do not seem effective

- An application of ice twice daily for about 30 minutes  

- Physiotherapy sessions with a physiotherapist who will decide based on the lesion most appropriate technique

Changes should be satisfactory in less than a week. The recovery of activity should be gradual focusing heating.

Elongation Prevent

First, warming up properly for a sufficiently long period

Then it is important to better understand its limits and not to risk muscle.

Finally stretch after exercise or exertion and again taking the necessary time.

Last, do not try to save time by taking physical activity too soon after an elongation: this term is only a waste of time.

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