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Melanosis is a condition of a skin where the skin or other tissues which are abnormally darkened by extra deposits of pigment called melanin. This type of hyper pigmentation is caused by certain disorder in the production of melanin or the metabolism of the body. This kind of disorder happens in human beings and in animals.melanosis

Melanin is a pigment that determines the color in the human beings. People who have higher melanin production in the body have generally a darker skin. Melanin is also present in the hair and in the eyes of a person. Freckles and moles are a similar product of melanin concentrations on a particular part of the skin.
Melanosis is a condition of the skin when too much melanin is produced and is deposited in the tissues of the body and the skin.
There are three common types of conditions which are Melanosis coli, Smoker’s Melanosis and Ocular Melanosis. When dark pigment deposits on the lining of the colon or the large intestines become brown or black in color it is called melanin coli. This type of discoloration is commonly caused by overuse of laxatives over the years. This has no symptoms but is observed during a colonoscopy. Smokers Melanosis is a hyper pigmentation caused by smoking in the mouth. It is generally related to smoking but sometimes can be found in non smokers also. This discoloration will almost disappear after one gives up smoking. Ocular melanosis is a congenital disease of the eye caused due to over production of pigments by the cells.  The disease is caused by increased fluid in the eyelids which leads to increased pressure that may sometimes lead to glaucoma.
Melanosis coli is treated by stopping the use of certain laxatives. In some severe cases melanosis may slow down the bowel functioning. The color of the liver will change over a period of time. For constipation one may increase the fiber content in the diet. You can also take fiber supplements or stool softening to treat constipation. The hyper pigmentation in smoker’s melanosis will slowly disappear once you give up smoking. To speed up the process one can use whitening day cream which is a natural remedy. For ocular melanosis you must regularly go for eye checkups and monitor the eye color and the minute changes which are taking place. The ophthalmologist may suggest some treatment and remedies for the same.

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