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Muscle Tear : Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Muscle Tear Definition

Pulled muscles, tearing of the muscle fiber and muscle strains are common injuries, usually occurring during a sporting activity. These three names designate one and the same clinical condition, but reflect different degrees of straining muscles.

It is about stretching when the muscle is too tight but that its structure remains intact. In case of persistent overexertion, injuries such as tears in the muscle fiber (muscle bundles isolated) or muscle tears (transverse rupture of the muscle) may occur.

Muscle Tear Causes

The cause of muscle injury is often based on overstress provided without training or adequate heating and a overdistension. External attacks are more rarely encountered.

As mentioned above, excessive stress can gradually evolve in elongation, tearing of muscle fiber or muscle tear. The tendency to hardening, cold climate and lack of warming up before exercise are all risk factors for a muscle tear.

Muscle Tear Disorders (symptoms)

  • Pain on pressure and extension
  • In case of elongation, increasing pain, like cramp. By ripping of the muscle fiber, acute pain, rapid
  • By ripping of the muscle fiber important (from stage 2), peaks are visible in the muscle, up to a considerable protrusion by ripping total
  • Muscle function or of the member concerned is limited by ripping the muscle fibers = stage 2
  • In the presence of more serious injuries, swelling caused by effusion of blood may occur over time

Muscle Tear Examinations (diagnosis)

  • History: the description of pain and function of the affected limb can often assess the extent of the injury
  • Clinical examination of the arm or leg affected
  • Ultrasound: to locate and assess the extent of a tear and that blood (hematoma)
Muscle disease

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Muscle Tear Treatment Options

Conservative treatment without surgery

  • Between the first and fourth day after the injury: electrotherapy
  • From the fourth day: treatment with interferential
  • In addition, ultrasound treatment, promoting muscle regeneration
  • Physiotherapy: bodybuilding, greater demands
  • Principle: when the muscle is no longer painful, it can again be fully applied
  • Passive extension and massages from the sixth week only

Muscle Tear Surgery

The surgery should be considered only if the cross section leaves seem a tear two-thirds of the muscle or in the presence of a large blood effusion. The surgeon combines the muscle fibers using absorbable son. There should then be put to rest with a four-week strength training and a long-term.

Muscle Tear Emergency (first aid)

In virtually all sports injuries, the immediate application of the following is required. It is essential to act quickly.

  • Break – immediate cessation of sporting activity during
  • Ice – cooling the injured area, if there is no open wound
  • Compression – a compression bandage prevents swelling and should be regularly checked.
  • Elevation – In case of injuries affecting the extremities (arms, legs), the elevation facilitates the return of blood and reduces the formation of edema. This measure does not of course for people who have lost consciousness or in case of suspicion of injury to the head, shoulders and back. If in doubt, apply an ice pack or put to rest the injured area and alert the doctor or the nearest hospital.

Muscle Tear Possible Complications

  • Scarring can occur in muscle, particularly after severe bleeding in the muscle. As a result, the muscle stretches as before and is subject to further injuries, mainly sprains, tears and bleeding.
  • Myositis ossificans: if massage or rehabilitation are introduced too early, or if treatment is inadequate, encapsulated chronic inflammation may develop. Over time is likely to cause scars ossify. The decrease in muscle flexibility, increases the risk of injury.
  • Cyst formation: a capsule forms around the coagulated blood in the muscle, forming a sac-like structure. If the cyst becomes bothersome, the surgery may be considered for removal.

Muscle Tear Preventive measures

The main preventive measure is to warm up muscles before exercise. One should be careful when the weather is cold, if previous injuries and whether to toughen muscle is known.

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