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Orchitis (Inflammation of The Testicle)

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Orchitis Definition

Inflammation of the testicle is usually due to bacterial or viral infection. Orchitis often accompanies another infection (mumps, chickenpox). Orchitis frequent result of epididymitis or vice versa: this is known as epididymo-orchitis. Adult men are most affected by this disease, an inflammation of the testicle occurs rarely before puberty.

A prompt and appropriate treatment can cure without sequelae of orchitis. In severe cases, lesions of the testicles can cause infertility.

Orchitis Causes

  • Orchitis are often caused by viral infections. Bacterial infections are rare.
  • In rare cases, there is an autoimmune disease underlying. It affects especially older men.
  • Inflammation of the testicle after a stroke or an accident.

 Viral infections may be accompanied by orchitis:

Viruses spread from the place of primary infection to the testicles through the bloodstream.

Orchitis may be caused by a bacterial inflammation of the urethra or prostate. Bacteria can also reach the testicles through the bloodstream to other infections and cause purulent inflammation in severe cases.

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Orchitis Disorders (symptoms)

  • Severe pain in the testicle
  • Swelling of the testicles
  • Testicular sensitivity to touch and pressure
  • Redness and warmth in the scrotum
  • Often, high fever and feeling sick

Orchitis Examinations (diagnosis)

  • History with consideration of symptoms
  • Palpation of the testes and epididymides
  • Temperature measurement
  • Blood tests (parameters of inflammation)
  • Urine test (demonstration of a urinary tract infection)
  • Ultrasound to rule out other diseases: Testicular torsion (this is a torsion of testicular blood vessels).
  • Surgery in case of need

Orchitis Treatment Options

Orchitis General measures

  • Bed rest, immobilization of the testicles by wearing an athletic supporter, cold compresses

Orchitis Medical Drugs

  • Possibly analgesic and anti-inflammatory
  • In case of viral infection, only the symptoms can be treated, during infection by the mumps virus, interferon was shown to be effective.
  • Bacterial infection: antibiotic

Orchitis Surgery

In case of pronounced swelling and purulent abscess formation in the testes, surgery is necessary.

Orchitis Possible Complications

Generally, orchitis treated appropriately healed without sequelae. Testicular damage caused by inflammation can lead to atrophy of the testis may be complicated by sterility. Orchitis is often associated with epididymitis = epididymoorchitis. Epididymitis is described in another chapter. Orchitis can cause abscesses (often after a syphilis). In this case, surgery is required to remove the pus.

Orchitis Preventive Measures

Should be vaccinated pubescent boys until age 15 if they did not contract infectious diseases of children, namely mumps, measles or rubella. This vaccine immunizes them to life. The condom is the only way to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.


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