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Psychosis is a medical term used for a person who has imbalance of the mind or mental disorder of the mind. This abnormal state of mind is often described as a person suffering from “loss of contact from reality”. People going through this condition are called Psychotic. They may suffer from hallucination, delusion or there may be disorders in their behavior and personality. Depending on the severity of the patient, sometimes their behavior can be unusually weird. People experiencing this disorder may find difficulty in social interaction and will find their daily activities in life very difficult to manage.
Psychosis can be termed as anything from normal experiences to more complex matters. There is a vast variety of diseases related to the nervous system, from both external and internal physiologic illness which is likely to produce symptoms of Psychosis.

Signs and Symptoms
Hallucination is one of the symptoms of this mental disorder. It is defined as one gets imaginary perception of seeing, feeling or hearing things which are actually not there. This may occur in any form including the simple senses which we normally experience in normal human being. Psychosis symptoms may include speech and thoughts which are not organized. Fear and suspicion which is not in reality is also found in these patients. Their thinking process is totally confusing so while conversing they talk about irrelevant topics.
There are some medical problems which causes Psychosis. Taking some steroids, drugs or alcohol during use or during withdrawal, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia etc. are some of the diseases which can cause Psychosis.
There are some tests or methods to diagnose the signs of this personality disorders. Blood test, MRI of the brain or Psychiatric research can be done to diagnose and treat the patient.
The treatment of Psychosis patient depends on the cause by which it is diagnosed. A lot of care is needed for the safety of the patient. Some drugs are helpful to reduce delusion and hallucination and they also help the patient partially to improve their thinking and behavior. The improvement of the patient suffering depends on the cause of Psychosis. Brief medication helps if the cause is diagnosed but chronic conditions like Schizophrenia needs lifelong treatment. In severe cases the patient needs to be admitted in hospital.
However it has been researched that Psychosis is a mental illness where recovery is possible with proper support and right treatment.

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