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Puberty in Girls

Monday, September 1st 2014. | Puberty

For many girls, puberty can be a particularly difficult time. You are forced to cope with changes and possible side effects, just at the time when you feel self-conscious about your body and self-image. Puberty can also be an exciting time, as you develop new emotions and feelings. The emotional experience during puberty can have psychological and emotional effects, like unexplained mood swing, low self-esteem, aggression and depression.Puberty in Girls
While puberty brings a lot of changes to your life and your body, you should know you are not alone on this journey. All women including your mom, female teachers and aunts went through puberty. As you prepare to grow into a beautiful, confident young lady it can be exciting, but also scary. But do not worry it is totally normal.
•    One major change you may notice is growing faster than you did during childhood. This is known as a growth spurt. You may notice your feet and hands getting bigger. Next, the arm and leg bones grow, making you taller. You may also gain some weight to match the increase in your bone size.
•    At first you may notice little buds or swellings, under your nipples. After that, your breasts will gradually get bigger and fuller and may become a little sore. Wearing a bra will be important so you can have the proper support for your breasts.
•    Soon you will find new hair growing in new places. Curly hair will start growing in the pubic area. In some girls, pubic hair may appear before breast development.
•    Your sweat glands will become larger and more active, causing you to sweat more. This may happen even before your breasts develop. Once this happens you will want to wear an antiperspirant or deodorant to help reduce sweating.
•    During puberty, the pores in your skin produce more oil, especially on your face. This can cause acne. You may have to wash your hair and face more often now that you are going through puberty.
•    Discharge is a clear or cloudy fluid produced by your body to moisten and clean the vagina. It’s perfectly normal and it’s a sign that menstruation is likely to start in some months.
•    Every girl develops differently and at her own pace, so do not worry. These changes usually happen in the order, but may not be the order to you and that is totally fine. No matter what order all these changes happen, just know you are on your way to becoming a woman and that is an awesome thing.

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