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Urethrocystography Dedifinition

The urethrocystography is a technique of direct radiological opacification lower urinary tract. It allows both an exploration of the morphology and dynamics of the bladder, urethra and ureter junction bladder. CT is what makes it possible to highlight a possible vesicoureteral reflux uretero-renal corresponding a malformation of the junction between the ureter and the bladder. Such faults can cause kidney infections repeatedly.


Urethrocystography (img thanks to sherlockradiology.com)

How’s it going?

The uUrethrocystography is cons-indicated in cases of urinary tract infection. It can be performed in a hospital or in a radiology.

Different techniques are possible:

  • Urethrocystography urinary performed during an examination by intravenous urography or CT urography. ;
  • Urethrocystography voiding suprapubic puncture with a needle introduced into the bladder which locally delivers a contrast;
  • Urethrocystography retrograde voiding or urinary Urethrocystography upward review in which the contrast medium is injected into the bladder through a catheter.

Which indications?

The urethrocystography is mainly indicated in the assessment of voiding dysfunction in adults, and urinary incontinence in children and infants to recurrent urinary tract infections.

In children

The Urethrocystography be performed before or repeated urinary infections after the discovery of an abnormality of the urinary tract during pregnancy.

To dilation of the urinary tract, often objectified ultrasound opacification will allow to decide between VUR and congenital malformations: urethral valves, causing a stir often severe dilatation of the urinary tract (ureter, excretory cavities of kidney …) diverticula, segmental dilatation or contraction, more rarely, duplication of the urethra isolated or associated with an abnormality of the bladder.

Acquired malformations are variable. Most often, they are the result of an infection (narrowing), trauma or after an incident maneuver survey of the gallbladder (pseudo-diverticula, scar stricture, fistula …).

Urinary incontinence

The urethrocystography, sometimes supplemented by a clouding of other organs (rectum, vagina) will seek to show the respective share of each of the pelvic organs in the mechanism of incontinenceIt is often associated with urodynamic will appreciate the functional state of the pelvic floor muscles and sphincters.

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