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Warning signs of depression

Friday, July 1st 2016. | Depression

There are many moods of a person. Happy and sad are the most prominent ones. Many times a person feels various mood swings and if these mood swings are hyper exaggerated then many situations may arise. One of such situations is known as depression. When a person becomes very sad about anything and the same mood is carried on for a number of days then it starts affecting the brain which leads to depressed behavior. Depression seems to be a normal thing but it is not. Depression is capable of taking your life at your hands.Signs Of Depression

Depression needs to be dealt with as soon as its symptoms are felt. Here are a few symptoms of depression.
• Feeling of hopelessness
• Lost interest in social activities and indulgence
• Loss of appetite
• Sleepy and tired all the time
• Excessive use of cigarettes and alcohol without being happy
• No control on your thinking process which leads to recurring negative thoughts the whole day
• Easily irritated, short tempered and aggressive on small things of no value
• Feeling sad about a thing constantly
• Not able to sleep properly
• Feeling of guilt and worthlessness
• Not able to concentrate or make even easy decisions
• Unexplainable pains in different parts of the body.
The symptoms of depression are not felt by the patient himself because he is so heavily involved in his own sadness and problems. So the symptoms are observed by the family members or friends. If any of such symptoms are observed by then it is very important to start keeping that person happy as much as possible.
This is one of the ways to drag the person out of his created dark hole. This way he will be distracted from his problems. If this does not work, then the last alternative is to see a physiatrist as he will help him to talk about it and find out a way to get rid of all the negative thoughts and feelings out of him.
They say that everything can be sorted and brought back to better conditions by talking about it and once depression has been diagnosed, it becomes the only treatment for it. We all have negative thoughts but when they increase they cease to let us believe in the goodness of the world and this becomes the initial steps of depression. Stop depression at its initial stage to save the patient.

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